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We aim at Rechargeable Battery / Battery Related Products Business.

1. R & D
During these years, we have running many jointed venture R&D projects with famous institutes in new battery products development, including:
- Central South University of China (Flow Battery)
- Baotou Reseach Institute of Rare Earths (Super Power Battery for Electric Car)

Starting from Oct 2016, we have been cooperating with Inmatech Inc of USA (www.inmatech-inc.com), a Research Institute Company of Michigan State University in USA, to develop a new concept super power battery for electric car application.

2. Production
We are heading three small but professional factories in China with following products:

-      Rechargeable Battery (NiCd, NiMH and its packs)
-      Emergency Kit for Lighting
-      Battery for Electric / Hybrid Car
We provide tailor made battery solutions for middle level battery powered products, most of our customers are SME battery-related manufacturers all over the world.
In other words, we are battery solution provider.
Most of our products have not listed out in this website as without customers's agreement.

3. Commercial Service
The company is a Limited Company registered in Hong Kong, commerical operations for all business works are in Hong Kong.
Since it is operated under western international legal business environment, you can be well satisfied and familiar with its way to go, such as high reliability, high effeciency and honour feedbacks.


Why Choosing Us

Battery is not a high cost component among electric/electronic appliance. However, it plays a key important role within them.
Therefore, inspect of price, its reliability is the top priority to beconsidered.
Morality, Professional know how, Experiences, High Effecinecy are all factors we pay attention to, and you can find these out by using our products and service.

You are most welcome to contact us by Skype, e-mail, telephone call or even walk in to talk to us. Our colleagues will try best to get best solution for you.


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